Play Things

Some years back. Just blocks from where i’m sitting now. In the living-room of a small suburban, yellow shingled, American bungalow home; a father and his son were playing
…, Rambunctiously, with the boys toy NERF guns: Lets have a dual, said the father, between rounds as they were re-loading their weapons (truth be told,only looking for a short breather from action). Whats a dual asked the son? Well, the father began in explanation, a dual is when you stand back-too-back to your opponent, then each take ten paces, at which time you then turn to reface each-other, and fire.
The son, very excited by the very exotic impression of it all, hurriedly agreed with his father to all suggested terms.
OK, his father instructed, now stand to my back. The son, obediently, thus rushed over into position, standing back-too-back to his father.
Are you ready the father asked? As they were now both standing in position. Arms and guns cocked, pointed to the sky.
Ready! replied son.
OK, said father as he began to count out-loud the first step. One… Two… and as father began to count out the third step, the cleverness of age seduced him into an ingenious (I.e. Obvious) plot against his son, and prematurely turned and plugged his son in the middle of the back with a dart as the boy was taking his third step.
At this the son turned, laughing, and called out his fathers treachery: Cheater! Cheater! he cried out as he returned fire.
The father, now laughing himself (swelled with fathers love), replied to the sons return fire: Hey, Dead Men don’t shot back!
At these words the son began his charge, growling his little animal growl, and leapt into his father.
Father, seeing this leap, braced himself for the impact; then catching him, fell to his back onto the floor…. embracing his son…. Both laughing…. ….

Now this quaint little picture that i have just painted for you, is only meant as a relatable depiction, and insight, into the spring bloom of first Social Disorder; through the taming and over simplification in teachings of complex Human BEHAVIOR, and gross neglect in Human emotions: and the full range of all possible consequences that they entail, of the modern child’s first introduction to the absolute corruption, and vulgar dismantlement, in personal HONOR (through example in personal action)!

It’s Sad Really

It’s sad really,
that after all these many many years
we still remain strangers.

I liken us to any of those
trees over there;
and their awkward relationships
leafs to branch.
branch to trunks.
trunks to earth (an unbreakable
bond to be sure; though a bond
without intimacy)… pushing the
sad sighs of familiar ghost through
cracked windows.

It truly is amazing
the way that we can hold, and
so many related memories,
and yet….
As we sit in the same room,
we still, after all those many
many years
remain uncomfortable strangers
to one-another.

Thus Spoke Beethoven

If there is no commonly understood, nor universally spoken, or globally agreed upon, excepted language.
If there is no common universal threading that ties all dialects (thoroughly interchangeable). Nor any universal [word] that can completely translate, and bridge the gap between my exact mental imaging and meaning, to your personal intake of, and processing into a translatable mental imaging and meaning; how then are we to achieve any-sort of universal (common) understanding? For it seems to me, anyhow, that our general meaning and understanding in language is geographically, and culturally, but most evidently, to me-, personally dependent and sensitive ( by personally dependent, i mean, through our own personal experiences {histories}, then processed through the lens of our “come by” individual dispositions and idiosyncrasies).
And if there can be no universal (common) understanding…
How can we then suggest any such thing as… “Common Sense!”… Then proceed, so arrogantly, too judge people stupid, or lower of (inadequate), and even accountable, for “allegedly” lacking in said “Common Sense”?

AHH!… But let us not forget the transient nature of Music; For unlike academic logic and their secular ,complex, mathematical expressions, that they so vehemently, though wrongly, brag and elicit as being a universal: Wrongly i say, only because those abstract complex expressions that they so vehemently brag to themselves about, only speaks, fully comprehensibly, to only a select few. Where as i on the other hand; Speak to all and everything! Interrupts Beethoven from his musky transient grave.

GOD Save The Queen But For Us The DEVIL

God save the Queen!… But what then for us, the Queens people? Her loyal subjects? I guess, save us for the Devil then.
Save for him (the Devil) our centuries (all our known histories) of self-inflicted, short-
sighted, submissiveness. Save him all our bred obedience’s in intellectual individuality and Will;… Our ill-advised, and Systematic, Deconstruction and simplification of our unique passions and language(s)(I.e. Once that a proper language has all structure (rules)
and complexity taken-away (unlearned) from it, and becomes-,”common in tongue”; in nature (“street”, “ghetto”, “plebeian”, “bohemian”…, “working-class” etc. etc.), the re-birth
(or savage regression) of the next cultural  [D]evolution thus begins: And what is born from this regression and  [D]evolution?… A simpleminded depthless ignorant argumen-
tative dangerous and violent peoples; Who are endlessly agitated by a (an otherwise benign) pulsating, swerving, passion that they can no-longer even adequately contem-
plate, distinguish, categorize, control, or even productively cultivate)….Save for him especially or politically and socially (morals) domestic laziness, an boorish, nurtured dependencies and greed (of shiny colorful trinkets)!

Save for him (the Devil) our manual-laborer arrogance carved thick into the faces of our weathered, herd-like, docile expressions… (though carved even thicker still into those filthy features of all those millions of brutalized and murdered-…”Symbols”, of somewhat
, yet comfortably enough, detached likenesses of ourselves), that lay suspiciously arranged throughout those (politically sensitive; so therefore, vulnerable) pages of our victorious (Editorialized) books of histories: For it’s well documented, that it is those, the victor, who writes such histories!

Save us for the Devil then. The lower-middle-working-class masses-. But please O please GOD!… Save what we are told (And bred to never ever dare to Question) too hold most Dear: Property. Profit. Industry, Expansion. Government(overreach). As well as any and all other [Established] institutions of [Centralized] Authority!!

The Fall

On a night long-ago, in the Bookstore that me and my wife were shopping, i just happened to notice, as we were strolling along the aisles talking, a book by
JAMES FRANCO: PALO ALTO, displayed on one of the bookshelves…, Which, being
the clever wit that i am; i very quickly proceeded to bring this Title to her Attention
…. She has after-all, “A slight [Thing]” for him you see.  And so i asked her if she wanted to buy it.
Her reply to me was this: No, she said, he’s too good-looking to be a good writer….

So what may we (and by we naturally i mean [I]) deduce from this little astute observation and tail Ladies and Gentlemen…? I will tell you what [WE] may deduce  from this little observation! Either One-. That i am an unattractive man. Or Two-…
That my writing is SHIT!…
Now with that being said. And now out-there for the whole World. I guess i should also confess to you this: Sitting here at my desk, right-now; I truly cannot decide which of these two options I’d prefer it to be!

On Academic Political Cultism In American History Studies

You may only, correctly and legitimately, [criticaly judge] or [condemn] the actions and the words of an historical figure, or of an historical event and time, by thought-
lessly shackling yourself to a corruptive illusionary fixed picture of a [Timeless] human nature…. Or you may also do it by shedding yourself of all (post-)gained advancements in theoretical and empirical abstract logic concerning our social experiences, cultural growth and exchange, as well as in any successes, and failures, involving political and social experimentation, Revolutions, and the erratic fluctuation in the WILL of the Peoples; Along-side any significant evolutions and re-
fortifications in spiritual and theological theories-and-systems. From that (their) particular moment in time, too this (your) particular present moment in time… (which i hope that we can all come to an agreement that such an objective shedding of presence-of-mind and current learning, is not only an impossibiliy, but also a fool-
ishness in meaningless plays at Self-ennoblements and promotions).
For we are only, in the end, the collective advancements or degeneratives of (their) past time. And only exist as Biased observers, over a frameworked summery, of their [past] time: For we are the true beneficiaries of the gradual accumulation, in heredtary information, of One Directional Time (and the detachments in passions and calluses that that entails).

So in conclusion. You may only, in the studies of [Human] Histories, observe… Abstractly (completely detached and removed by a accumulative informational depository and intellectual curev), in attempts at deciphering potential signs too patterns. Or to examine isolated causes and effects. Or to study the various circmsta-
nces in social customs, traditions, institutions, political expansions, and constitutional debates; As well as any and all time pacific limitations (for example, the archaic stage of the tools available to them for any type or branch of scientific experimentation), concerniong the choices in their decision making.
For the only true legitimate purpose for historical studies is to better inform ourselves; And to better train our eyes, and to construct a more formable intuition, in recognizing the early stages (still preventable) in National and Cultural and Ethical pitfalls and Disintegrations, concerning the difficulties too our own decision making (with only the primitive tools, and current exten to our knowledge, available to us in our own time). Anything beyond that. Any type of judgment and condemnation is only a perversion in intellect, as well as a degenritive path which can only lead to a progressive degeneration, class submissiveness, cultural ignorance
,violent political upheavals (with no supporting idea for a functional replacement),
social and national and communal discord, fragmented personalities, and an eventual Deathly Silencing of the (political voting minority) (which F.Y.I. is the real idea and purpose behind the Electoral College: A safeguard against an uneducated Majority Tyranny)Poeple under a heavy handed Authoritative Political Cult!

The Birth Of An Enemy

The first consequences of war: When the complete Destruction Annihilation and Stripping (of Dignity and Properties), as well as an Occupying Dominance of your Enemy, is closest at hand…. When Absolute total Victory is all but Written (whether involving cultural, moral, social, economic, or political  basic articles of faith); You will find (to your own eventual Detriment) that all that you have truly succeeded
in accomplishing, is not a secure path to a peaceful future… But only a clearing of the
fields, and a sowing of the seeds; The Birth, Creation, and Education of an even greater, more Dangerous, and often times more Radicalized and Violent (to your Ideological Principals) Enemy of your National and Cultural and Spiritual Identity,
from the ashes of the war-torn.

This is the True Story, and Consequences, of Human History in War and Victory!