On The Origin Of The Domestication Of Species

Prologue-. It is of no great work in intellectual reasoning,… nor of any great keen-insight into the subtle nuances of Human social Behavior, or into the complex structuring in Human social interaction, too note that we (particularly those of us peoples of the West) are dog lovers….But as for the reasons why we are such great Dog lovers; now that is, potentially, a very interesting Question!

First observation: On Big Dogs-. My guess to this question. Too why we are such great dog lovers, is, as un-academically professional as it may be, is because that dogs, very much like us Humans, are let us say… Very “simple!” (stupid), as well as very Dangerous, and very obedient…. Blindly Obedient too [Their] Alpha Masters!
While at the same Time, retaining enough of their Beastly impulses, too pose, potentially, as a very real threat too those Who we feel are not [Our] Sovereign Alpha Masters!

Second observation:On Small Dogs-. Now for the reason that people Hate puppies (now i know that we all find puppies to be cute and adorable and all that, but i’m referring here to the House-Breaking, and the training… I.e. as in the Owning of puppies) is that puppies are still; and represent, [our] primal state of nature: They are Beastly and Wild, unrestrained in their actions and responses…. They are un-civilized!
It is not until We Break them! Domesticate them!… [Humanize] them…. So that we can [Master] them!
Do we Love Them!

In Summary-.So you see: The real reason that we may love Dogs so much, is because that there is something in dogs that is both Identifiable and Familiar to us… something almost Human-. So very Human in their, prancing, Blind Obedient Stupidity!

On The Vulgarity Of Shyness

When i was younger, i was so very much like you…. Tomorrow (for me then, just as it is for you now) was a far-off life(s) time away, spent in idle procrastination, just simply waiting there… at the ready. Ready to lavish and reward me (for my endurance) with Fame, Fortune, and that peculiar coy immortality that associates its-self with such things.

Even now!… Still after so many unfolding of (my) years. I still remain so very much like you.
The only real difference being (for me anyhow…. Consequences of accumulation of years) is that tomorrow is now only a rapid blink of an eye away.
Only a short quick take of breath away!
Only an indifferent succession in moments away… already gone the moment that it arrived (though, paradoxically,even within this acceleration of time… Life can still seem so incredibly long… absurd in its duration! That the thought of even another moment to live; is almost an unbearable proposition).

Though… just as i was then. Just as you are now (you, now in your youth). Ashamed as the both of us are by our debilitating awkwardness!
-Moored as the both of us are by the very vulgarity of our own shyness!… That we!- You and I. Standing (the way we are) on the very threshold of tomorrow.
Only arms reach from everything that it holds possible… We (you and I) still remain to afraid… Timid! too simply reach out and take what is ours!…
Too claim it, as ours!


Among you there is one!…
An Asphodel (as unsure of his own metaphorical meaning*, as the goat is of his own, unfortunate, metaphorical meaning**), that will kiss me… -So intimately, that it will be written of,… and evoked, and prophesized, and rationalized, and popularized, and lesson-ized, and lamented, and explored into such an emotionally exhausted oblivion… :But even more than this; it will be plagiarized, by such common language… explained to you with such common language: Paraphrased too you, so commonly, by the immutable echoes and rabble and ashes of every nation henceforth; that it will taste little more than barren Romantics, from the far off wastelands of myth (ology)!

*Asphodel. known as the flower of the dead. Also, metaphorically as death.
** The (Scape)goat that was sent into the wilderness after the chief priest had symbolically laid the sins of the people upon it: Leviticus. 16:8

Of Perfect Silence

At sixteen we touched each-other… intimately, in a heavily scented evening of lilac and dogwood (i solved you, then, with the subtle nuance of borrowed word and mannerism…
a borrowed eccentricity,sneakedly snuck from an actor and ambiguousness that i knew that you loved).
After words.
we walked in suggestive shade, and atmosphere, of an prehistory muffled external world, that seemed to respond, and come-of-age with us, by the hyper-sensitivity our touch.

We walked in the darkness. That i can only remember now;… in the way that a romantic can only remember…. In a visually striking, plastic sort of intoxicating pantomime:
probably talking of extravagant sensual riches and expensive defiant dreams; that we both knew (secretly of course, for to verbally confess it… openly, would be to admit to an unbearable commonness) that we would never live, nor fully understand….
Parting, in a manner, that i prefer now  in picturing it… for dramatic intent, effect, and meaning (Poetics)… … In perfectly unison silence.

Social and Political Sciences

I really must ask this-.. Do you believe Gore Vidal’s prolific witticisms; his sharp criticisms… his thoughtful illuminations and interrogations of social and political AMERICA (particularly that of upper [white] class AMERICA) in an honest investigation, solely principled upon sound “impartial” and “unbiased” observation and study?…
Or rather do you find it possible that it maybe only his knee-jerk reaction! Only his emotional rage! His rage against [HIS] own social-classes biotope, in theological distaste, taunting’s, rejections, and [ostracizing], of [HIS] Homosexuality?
(Though in all fairness, i am sure, that the same can be said of all of us. After all! are not my “forked-tongued” rantings and ravings on cultural, political, social, ethical, racial, moral, scientific and religious cherry-pickings only conditional and biased, based upon my own alienation’s and humiliations in childhood, just as it is with most everybody else?

So!.. In summery. Can social and political [sciences]- (Ethics) then, perhaps, in the end, be nothing more than an emotional (slant) (shell-shock) (interpretation) motivation, more than it is a “rational” science?… Coupled of course with our voracious lust to be perceived
not only as  generally intelligent,… but also, and this is the most important element,…  individually and exceptionally cultivated and intelligent!!… (Now this is not to be taken as any sort of under-the-breath polemic on any particular type of sexual, political, individual… or any other ethical or culturally-popular ideology. I am also fully aware that Gore Vidal is only a novelist, and not in the sciences, but the psychological impact and influences upon ones outlook and demeanor from ones social interactions is fully transferable here.
It is only a thought, on the authoritative integrity in our “historical and influenced”, relative, rather than absolute, ” Deductive Reasoning!”)

Romantic Tragedy

Do you find a scene such as this, to be a romantic scene: To be of age. and to be lying-and-dying in your lovers perfumed arms, as the last falling ashes of light, sluiced through her entangling hair, drips softly into the expanding pools of dawn just moments before the dying flees with the last of your beauty….
And you begin to steel…
For your last dying words; these obscure words from PLATO. “I throw the apple at you, and if you are willing to love me, take it and share your girlhood with me, but if your thoughts are what i prey they are not, even then take it, and consider how short lived is beauty.”
-So my prosecutors. My judges. And my peers. You tell me! Is this a romantic scene?
…Or is it only instead, yet another lazy factory reprint of, SHAKESPEAREAN Barbarism??

* The apple was Dear to Aphrodite: To throw an apple at someone was to declare one’s love, to catch and hold it, to show one’s acceptance. From the Complete Works Of PLATO

For The Love Of GOD Read

The Books are out there!… The people; in all their lovely humanly flawed variances that the word suggest, are out there. The information is out there….
So educate yourself! expose yourself to new eye opining revelations that would have otherwise never had occurred to you.
Broaden your horizons.
Sharpen that cerebral stone of yours: There are far to many political, religious, and social (opportunistic, and predatorial) “activist” out there preying, and dependent upon our ill-read (Tendentious) ignorance.
So lift thy eyes from those Televisions and “smart”phones and observe. Ponder this wondrous existence all around you!
Learn! I do not care your religious or political slant, nor background; not as long as you are open to subject matter…, and sides, in civil Debate!…

Just Read!… READ!!… For the love of God, Read….Widely!