What is Death?… Aside from our mistakenly taken as easy answer, in visual, of a body that is no-longer animated. As i am sure that most of us has seen and experienced.-
But what is it?… Death i mean?
Is it the true end to this long and winding variegated concave’d path that leads, eventually, to Nothingness? But is Nothingness even truly a theoretical possibility? And would we not need first to answer this question on the possibility of Nothingness before we are able to insert it as solution and answer to our question of Death?

Or is Death rather instead a transit to a new Beginning?… A true beginning to a new non-
physical, Ideal, reality?… A Reckoning and Final Judgment, upon the Good, as well (and most importantly) upon the Bad?
A place where all our organic weight and obstacles are lifted from our shoulders… and we at last, in a true innocent state, touch Gods Hair*?

As of now all such answers, while we breath and believe, are still Theoretically possible…
Though in their limited selves, Intellectually Meaningless.

I think it is most important first to ask: Is it the Meaning and Worth to Existence… such as Albert Camus first prioritized as our only true Philosophically important question?
Or does it more concern the fundamental Reasoning: Why do we ask such questions? What leads us to such Anthropologically slanted causes-and-effects…. Such Physiological illusions? Such illusions to moral consequences and immoral contradictions?- Such as Nietzsche fatally Searched?…

I don’t know…. Do you?


*From a speech delivered by Ronald Reagan to those lost in the Space Shuttle Tragedy.

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