of God man and freewill .- To keep Gods authority, and legitimacy, intact, his existence must be kept outside of TIME… Beyond Time. That the past present and future; the whole universe… all that exist; must be laid out before him, in-tact and in whole. It must be up to him and him alone to Determine the Ultimate course, value, and final end, to [His] total creation if we are to avoid this embarrassment in Human structural logic, reasoning, and  cultural: Omnipotence burdened with limitations!
For if the future lays beyond his (Absolute) knowing,- or independent of His will. If He were to exist within the confined’s of Time… as do We! If tomorrow is truly open… (undetermined), to all possibilities; only subject to our own Freewill, then His Authority, by definition, is thus limited!
But!… If God were to in-fact exist beyond Time; with the past present and future laid out before Him… in-tact and in whole… Observable… thus Determined; we then proceed to open up this little can of worms: Action without Sin (meaning), nor Accountability (Will).
Even HITLER then, we must conclude, only did what was his to do!… Determined thus necessary!
Now for those who would wish to believe that their “Rational” Modern reductional sciences… of mathematically (Godless) governed universe-(s) alleviates them from such twisted Human folly and difficulties in reasoning, let me only caution you with a few words from Einstein himself; sciences very own Rock-Star. And i quote,”I do not at all believe in Human freedom in the philosophical sense. everybody acts not only under external compulsion but also in accordance with inner necessity, Schopenhauer’s saying
“A man can do what he wants, but not want what he wants”, has been a continual consolation in the face of life’s hardships, my own and others, and an unfailing well- spring of [Tolerance] (all brackets and parentheses, as well as the contents within those parentheses are added by me).
Then later, in the same paper… with the same breath, he continues, commenting on the military type personality and individual (apparently this individual… and perhaps any individual that should dare to differ with such genius, even on social and civic planes, is completely untethered from external physical laws and possesses Absolute Freedom of will, thus solely responsible… unlike the rest of us Enlightened Citizen’s),”That a man can take pleasure in marching in fours to the strains of a Band is enough to make me [Despise] Him. He has only been given his big brain by mistake”. He then proceeds a few lines further down,”This plague-spot of civilization ought to be [Abolished with all possible speed] (Please do not forget His great Tolerance that His relative scientific beliefs gives him as you read).”Heroism on command (with the exception i am sure of all those who fought and died fighting the Nazis and freeing the Jews those Death Camps)” senseless violence, and all the [Loathsome] nonsense that goes by the name patriotism-
[How passionately i Hate them!]”… Do you see the Contradiction in this Absolute Hate by the Man… this high-browser… this [Lecturer] on Relativistic Reality? (If you wish to read for yourself in even greater detail the contradictions between scientific discipline and social ideological beliefs, i invite you to read his writings on such matters in the Book:
Ideas and Opinions. Albert Einstein).
For any possible way of observing the future… by any possible observer or agent thus cancels out any such Freewill. And if Freewill is thus eliminated from the story of Human History; then theologies industry, that functions upon the premises of an all Benevolent Omnipotence, concerning Human Atrocities, becomes nothing more than a Cherry- picking… or to be more Biblical, -A Tickling of the Ear, of belief systems.
It becomes nothing more than a rambling of confused Ideas- from confused definitions and notions in attempts at Legitimizing questionable Histories.
And we will still be left with this question: What then, if any, are the organic foundations to Human Ethics and morality?
So to summarize.-If God exist outside of Time His Divinity is secure, but we lose the security of Freewill, and with the loss of Freewill, we live and act without the comforts of Sin, Accountability, and Punishment for our actions.
But!… If God exist within Time, the security and comforts of Sin Accountability and [Punishments] are restored… but we then lose Benevolent Omnipotence. We lose Divinity
… We lose the Infinity!
We lose God as we’ve come to know Him!

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