We have-, since we have been able to shed our primitive discomforts and become leisurely in our modern amenities, been able to pen so eloquently, “with passion in the garb of philosophy*” Man, and his politics, as well as his nature, into something… quite dialectically (Misanthropically) enchanting-: Where was it i wonder that we first stumbled across this notion of a “neo-principled secular (Human) equality; specially considering the absence of any natural physical representation in nature for Human imitation?- Was it not through JESUS CHRIST, that other social agitator and corrupter and philosopher (Talker) whom we, collectively… but with a “more kinder”, Modern, and new Western sort of way, Fed the HEMLOCK to?
And can this not be the Elusive roots to our (Final) social disorder and collapse, that we have been looking for? By our attempts at replacing (very ineffectively i might add) a more broadly tangible, as well as a more anthropomorphically familiar authority, with a complex, imperceptible (by the majority laymen at large) cold, sterile mathematical expressions?!
In other words-. A Discipline of contradiction in Nature, that only breeds both Disdain and Discontent….
I mean, in plane English: A set of Natural, mathematically predictable, Laws of (Human) Evolution and Fitness sloppily mashed together in contrast with a social institution and Ideals of a [Human] equality-, that was first given to us (the idea of) by an Authority that we no-longer seriously recognize and actively work so aggressively to Abolish…? I don’t Know.
But with the use of such fine sounding poetics in [Emotional] reasoning…,”So convenient a thing it is to be a reasonable creature, since it enables one to find or make reason for everything one has a mind to do**” we made such fine sounding institutions out of such first seemingly Benign Words.
And so it was,”the misfortune of the whole ancient world was thus to change words into real entities***”.

*T.H.Huxley: On the nature of inequality of Man.
**Benjamin Franklin: The autobiography of Benjamin Franklin.
***VOLTAIRE: Dialogues between A B C >

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