And so man is Born…. In the image: Though not (as we have been told) in the image of some remote, Abstract god; but in the sensual image of Demigods-, such as Gilgamesh and Achilles, “Two parts god one part man*” (women is also born this way, the only difference being, is in the reversal of the parental formula, and the nature of contempt in the act of conception and Sin).

“From our mothers we inherit great Beauty, Strength, and Restlessness.
From our Fathers… Mortality!”

Now it is from this point of Acute Human Awareness of Mortality, that you only need to begin to unfold us, to see and examine the degenerative Seed and Corruptive nature of Man.
To Discover, the birth-place and Ruins of our failed Cultural Evolution: From primitive Man (Hunter-gatherer Man) great migration out of Africa. To the Agriculturalist/ Sedentary Man (contemplative and experimental Man). From there, to small bands of “Egalitarian**” tribesman (Philosophical and Spiritual Man). From small tribesman to early City-State Peoples (Theoretical and [Political] Man). From these City-State Peoples to Political Institution Parties… From Parties to Individual Political Ideologue’s, Propagandist, and Revolutionaries… till eventually, the structural collapse and social dissolution and final triumphant siege of the “Political [VICTIM]” (the Last Man***).

… And so, “The conflict between the desires of God and the Destiny of Man” is thus Prophesied, and Realized!
And as such… At last: The Inevitable Decline of our Species.

* from the introduction by N.K. Sandars: The Epic Of Gilgamesh. published by Amereon House. “at the beginning of the poem the Hero is described. He is Two parts God and one part man, for his mother was a Goddess like the mother of Achilles. From her he inherited great Beauty, Strength, and Restlessness. From his Father he inherited mortality. There are many strands to the story, but this is the Tragedy: The conflict between the Desires of the God and the Destiny of the man.”

**from Colin Renfrew book: Prehistory, the making of the Human mind. where he puts forth the idea that early Human tribes where Egalitarian in nature. Which i personally disagree and will write on later.

***I mean this in the sense of Nietzsche’s Last man

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