Prologue-. It is of no great work in intellectual reasoning,… nor of any great keen-insight into the subtle nuances of Human social Behavior, or into the complex structuring in Human social interaction, too note that we (particularly those of us peoples of the West) are dog lovers….But as for the reasons why we are such great Dog lovers; now that is, potentially, a very interesting Question!

First observation: On Big Dogs-. My guess to this question. Too why we are such great dog lovers, is, as un-academically professional as it may be, is because that dogs, very much like us Humans, are let us say… Very “simple!” (stupid), as well as very Dangerous, and very obedient…. Blindly Obedient too [Their] Alpha Masters!
While at the same Time, retaining enough of their Beastly impulses, too pose, potentially, as a very real threat too those Who we feel are not [Our] Sovereign Alpha Masters!

Second observation:On Small Dogs-. Now for the reason that people Hate puppies (now i know that we all find puppies to be cute and adorable and all that, but i’m referring here to the House-Breaking, and the training… I.e. as in the Owning of puppies) is that puppies are still; and represent, [our] primal state of nature: They are Beastly and Wild, unrestrained in their actions and responses…. They are un-civilized!
It is not until We Break them! Domesticate them!… [Humanize] them…. So that we can [Master] them!
Do we Love Them!

In Summary-.So you see: The real reason that we may love Dogs so much, is because that there is something in dogs that is both Identifiable and Familiar to us… something almost Human-. So very Human in their, prancing, Blind Obedient Stupidity!

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