When i was younger, i was so very much like you…. Tomorrow (for me then, just as it is for you now) was a far-off life(s) time away, spent in idle procrastination, just simply waiting there… at the ready. Ready to lavish and reward me (for my endurance) with Fame, Fortune, and that peculiar coy immortality that associates its-self with such things.

Even now!… Still after so many unfolding of (my) years. I still remain so very much like you.
The only real difference being (for me anyhow…. Consequences of accumulation of years) is that tomorrow is now only a rapid blink of an eye away.
Only a short quick take of breath away!
Only an indifferent succession in moments away… already gone the moment that it arrived (though, paradoxically,even within this acceleration of time… Life can still seem so incredibly long… absurd in its duration! That the thought of even another moment to live; is almost an unbearable proposition).

Though… just as i was then. Just as you are now (you, now in your youth). Ashamed as the both of us are by our debilitating awkwardness!
-Moored as the both of us are by the very vulgarity of our own shyness!… That we!- You and I. Standing (the way we are) on the very threshold of tomorrow.
Only arms reach from everything that it holds possible… We (you and I) still remain to afraid… Timid! too simply reach out and take what is ours!…
Too claim it, as ours!

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