Among you there is one!…
An Asphodel (as unsure of his own metaphorical meaning*, as the goat is of his own, unfortunate, metaphorical meaning**), that will kiss me… -So intimately, that it will be written of,… and evoked, and prophesized, and rationalized, and popularized, and lesson-ized, and lamented, and explored into such an emotionally exhausted oblivion… :But even more than this; it will be plagiarized, by such common language… explained to you with such common language: Paraphrased too you, so commonly, by the immutable echoes and rabble and ashes of every nation henceforth; that it will taste little more than barren Romantics, from the far off wastelands of myth (ology)!

*Asphodel. known as the flower of the dead. Also, metaphorically as death.
** The (Scape)goat that was sent into the wilderness after the chief priest had symbolically laid the sins of the people upon it: Leviticus. 16:8

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