I really must ask this-.. Do you believe Gore Vidal’s prolific witticisms; his sharp criticisms… his thoughtful illuminations and interrogations of social and political AMERICA (particularly that of upper [white] class AMERICA) in an honest investigation, solely principled upon sound “impartial” and “unbiased” observation and study?…
Or rather do you find it possible that it maybe only his knee-jerk reaction! Only his emotional rage! His rage against [HIS] own social-classes biotope, in theological distaste, taunting’s, rejections, and [ostracizing], of [HIS] Homosexuality?
(Though in all fairness, i am sure, that the same can be said of all of us. After all! are not my “forked-tongued” rantings and ravings on cultural, political, social, ethical, racial, moral, scientific and religious cherry-pickings only conditional and biased, based upon my own alienation’s and humiliations in childhood, just as it is with most everybody else?

So!.. In summery. Can social and political [sciences]- (Ethics) then, perhaps, in the end, be nothing more than an emotional (slant) (shell-shock) (interpretation) motivation, more than it is a “rational” science?… Coupled of course with our voracious lust to be perceived
not only as  generally intelligent,… but also, and this is the most important element,…  individually and exceptionally cultivated and intelligent!!… (Now this is not to be taken as any sort of under-the-breath polemic on any particular type of sexual, political, individual… or any other ethical or culturally-popular ideology. I am also fully aware that Gore Vidal is only a novelist, and not in the sciences, but the psychological impact and influences upon ones outlook and demeanor from ones social interactions is fully transferable here.
It is only a thought, on the authoritative integrity in our “historical and influenced”, relative, rather than absolute, ” Deductive Reasoning!”)

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