The Books are out there!… The people; in all their lovely humanly flawed variances that the word suggest, are out there. The information is out there….
So educate yourself! expose yourself to new eye opining revelations that would have otherwise never had occurred to you.
Broaden your horizons.
Sharpen that cerebral stone of yours: There are far to many political, religious, and social (opportunistic, and predatorial) “activist” out there preying, and dependent upon our ill-read (Tendentious) ignorance.
So lift thy eyes from those Televisions and “smart”phones and observe. Ponder this wondrous existence all around you!
Learn! I do not care your religious or political slant, nor background; not as long as you are open to subject matter…, and sides, in civil Debate!…

Just Read!… READ!!… For the love of God, Read….Widely!

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