Some years back. Just blocks from where i’m sitting now. In the living-room of a small suburban, yellow shingled, American bungalow home; a father and his son were playing
…, Rambunctiously, with the boys toy NERF guns: Lets have a dual, said the father, between rounds as they were re-loading their weapons (truth be told,only looking for a short breather from action). Whats a dual asked the son? Well, the father began in explanation, a dual is when you stand back-too-back to your opponent, then each take ten paces, at which time you then turn to reface each-other, and fire.
The son, very excited by the very exotic impression of it all, hurriedly agreed with his father to all suggested terms.
OK, his father instructed, now stand to my back. The son, obediently, thus rushed over into position, standing back-too-back to his father.
Are you ready the father asked? As they were now both standing in position. Arms and guns cocked, pointed to the sky.
Ready! replied son.
OK, said father as he began to count out-loud the first step. One… Two… and as father began to count out the third step, the cleverness of age seduced him into an ingenious (I.e. Obvious) plot against his son, and prematurely turned and plugged his son in the middle of the back with a dart as the boy was taking his third step.
At this the son turned, laughing, and called out his fathers treachery: Cheater! Cheater! he cried out as he returned fire.
The father, now laughing himself (swelled with fathers love), replied to the sons return fire: Hey, Dead Men don’t shot back!
At these words the son began his charge, growling his little animal growl, and leapt into his father.
Father, seeing this leap, braced himself for the impact; then catching him, fell to his back onto the floor…. embracing his son…. Both laughing…. ….

Now this quaint little picture that i have just painted for you, is only meant as a relatable depiction, and insight, into the spring bloom of first Social Disorder; through the taming and over simplification in teachings of complex Human BEHAVIOR, and gross neglect in Human emotions: and the full range of all possible consequences that they entail, of the modern child’s first introduction to the absolute corruption, and vulgar dismantlement, in personal HONOR (through example in personal action)!

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