If there is no commonly understood, nor universally spoken, or globally agreed upon, excepted language.
If there is no common universal threading that ties all dialects (thoroughly interchangeable). Nor any universal [word] that can completely translate, and bridge the gap between my exact mental imaging and meaning, to your personal intake of, and processing into a translatable mental imaging and meaning; how then are we to achieve any-sort of universal (common) understanding? For it seems to me, anyhow, that our general meaning and understanding in language is geographically, and culturally, but most evidently, to me-, personally dependent and sensitive ( by personally dependent, i mean, through our own personal experiences {histories}, then processed through the lens of our “come by” individual dispositions and idiosyncrasies).
And if there can be no universal (common) understanding…
How can we then suggest any such thing as… “Common Sense!”… Then proceed, so arrogantly, too judge people stupid, or lower of (inadequate), and even accountable, for “allegedly” lacking in said “Common Sense”?

AHH!… But let us not forget the transient nature of Music; For unlike academic logic and their secular ,complex, mathematical expressions, that they so vehemently, though wrongly, brag and elicit as being a universal: Wrongly i say, only because those abstract complex expressions that they so vehemently brag to themselves about, only speaks, fully comprehensibly, to only a select few. Where as i on the other hand; Speak to all and everything! Interrupts Beethoven from his musky transient grave.

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