God save the Queen!… But what then for us, the Queens people? Her loyal subjects? I guess, save us for the Devil then.
Save for him (the Devil) our centuries (all our known histories) of self-inflicted, short-
sighted, submissiveness. Save him all our bred obedience’s in intellectual individuality and Will;… Our ill-advised, and Systematic, Deconstruction and simplification of our unique passions and language(s)(I.e. Once that a proper language has all structure (rules)
and complexity taken-away (unlearned) from it, and becomes-,”common in tongue”; in nature (“street”, “ghetto”, “plebeian”, “bohemian”…, “working-class” etc. etc.), the re-birth
(or savage regression) of the next cultural  [D]evolution thus begins: And what is born from this regression and  [D]evolution?… A simpleminded depthless ignorant argumen-
tative dangerous and violent peoples; Who are endlessly agitated by a (an otherwise benign) pulsating, swerving, passion that they can no-longer even adequately contem-
plate, distinguish, categorize, control, or even productively cultivate)….Save for him especially or politically and socially (morals) domestic laziness, an boorish, nurtured dependencies and greed (of shiny colorful trinkets)!

Save for him (the Devil) our manual-laborer arrogance carved thick into the faces of our weathered, herd-like, docile expressions… (though carved even thicker still into those filthy features of all those millions of brutalized and murdered-…”Symbols”, of somewhat
, yet comfortably enough, detached likenesses of ourselves), that lay suspiciously arranged throughout those (politically sensitive; so therefore, vulnerable) pages of our victorious (Editorialized) books of histories: For it’s well documented, that it is those, the victor, who writes such histories!

Save us for the Devil then. The lower-middle-working-class masses-. But please O please GOD!… Save what we are told (And bred to never ever dare to Question) too hold most Dear: Property. Profit. Industry, Expansion. Government(overreach). As well as any and all other [Established] institutions of [Centralized] Authority!!

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