On a night long-ago, in the Bookstore that me and my wife were shopping, i just happened to notice, as we were strolling along the aisles talking, a book by
JAMES FRANCO: PALO ALTO, displayed on one of the bookshelves…, Which, being
the clever wit that i am; i very quickly proceeded to bring this Title to her Attention
…. She has after-all, “A slight [Thing]” for him you see.  And so i asked her if she wanted to buy it.
Her reply to me was this: No, she said, he’s too good-looking to be a good writer….

So what may we (and by we naturally i mean [I]) deduce from this little astute observation and tail Ladies and Gentlemen…? I will tell you what [WE] may deduce  from this little observation! Either One-. That i am an unattractive man. Or Two-…
That my writing is SHIT!…
Now with that being said. And now out-there for the whole World. I guess i should also confess to you this: Sitting here at my desk, right-now; I truly cannot decide which of these two options I’d prefer it to be!

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