You may only, correctly and legitimately, [criticaly judge] or [condemn] the actions and the words of an historical figure, or of an historical event and time, by thought-
lessly shackling yourself to a corruptive illusionary fixed picture of a [Timeless] human nature…. Or you may also do it by shedding yourself of all (post-)gained advancements in theoretical and empirical abstract logic concerning our social experiences, cultural growth and exchange, as well as in any successes, and failures, involving political and social experimentation, Revolutions, and the erratic fluctuation in the WILL of the Peoples; Along-side any significant evolutions and re-
fortifications in spiritual and theological theories-and-systems. From that (their) particular moment in time, too this (your) particular present moment in time… (which i hope that we can all come to an agreement that such an objective shedding of presence-of-mind and current learning, is not only an impossibiliy, but also a fool-
ishness in meaningless plays at Self-ennoblements and promotions).
For we are only, in the end, the collective advancements or degeneratives of (their) past time. And only exist as Biased observers, over a frameworked summery, of their [past] time: For we are the true beneficiaries of the gradual accumulation, in heredtary information, of One Directional Time (and the detachments in passions and calluses that that entails).

So in conclusion. You may only, in the studies of [Human] Histories, observe… Abstractly (completely detached and removed by a accumulative informational depository and intellectual curev), in attempts at deciphering potential signs too patterns. Or to examine isolated causes and effects. Or to study the various circmsta-
nces in social customs, traditions, institutions, political expansions, and constitutional debates; As well as any and all time pacific limitations (for example, the archaic stage of the tools available to them for any type or branch of scientific experimentation), concerniong the choices in their decision making.
For the only true legitimate purpose for historical studies is to better inform ourselves; And to better train our eyes, and to construct a more formable intuition, in recognizing the early stages (still preventable) in National and Cultural and Ethical pitfalls and Disintegrations, concerning the difficulties too our own decision making (with only the primitive tools, and current exten to our knowledge, available to us in our own time). Anything beyond that. Any type of judgment and condemnation is only a perversion in intellect, as well as a degenritive path which can only lead to a progressive degeneration, class submissiveness, cultural ignorance
,violent political upheavals (with no supporting idea for a functional replacement),
social and national and communal discord, fragmented personalities, and an eventual Deathly Silencing of the (political voting minority) (which F.Y.I. is the real idea and purpose behind the Electoral College: A safeguard against an uneducated Majority Tyranny)Poeple under a heavy handed Authoritative Political Cult!

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