The first consequences of war: When the complete Destruction Annihilation and Stripping (of Dignity and Properties), as well as an Occupying Dominance of your Enemy, is closest at hand…. When Absolute total Victory is all but Written (whether involving cultural, moral, social, economic, or political  basic articles of faith); You will find (to your own eventual Detriment) that all that you have truly succeeded
in accomplishing, is not a secure path to a peaceful future… But only a clearing of the
fields, and a sowing of the seeds; The Birth, Creation, and Education of an even greater, more Dangerous, and often times more Radicalized and Violent (to your Ideological Principals) Enemy of your National and Cultural and Spiritual Identity,
from the ashes of the war-torn.

This is the True Story, and Consequences, of Human History in War and Victory!

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