Methinks there are idle hands at play…, and i am told that these are the hands that the Devil will play.

Methinks there is Revolution and Corruption Afoot; Though only if we stick to a loose academic definition of the word…Revolution. Though a Revolution none-
the-less: I only here bring attention  to the values of definitions;  Or to be more precise…, to the values of Words, for i believe that this Revolution is lacking in its most essential components for any true, relevant, insurrection or Revolution (take your pick); specially in terms of achieving any-sort of positive action or change. and that is that it’s lacking,  in part or in whole, physical intellectual and or personal Risk! For this is a Revolution in whispers and in #Hashtags#. This is an under-the-breath, back-turned  (while walking away from direct interaction), Cyber-insurrection…. And in the end you will find, an inept Revolution.
It’s a Revolution (like most, to all, Revolutions) frenzied into prominence on the opaque wings of the dulled intuition of the poorly read (mass) public that is being endlessly and vigorously, if not haphazardly, prayed-upon by, the narrowly read, Ideological Zealots who can erect any-given difficulty into a “Secret Society” conspiracy (of a global scale), by routinely mistaking an opportunistic greed of a chance situation, for a cleverly manipulated Despotic Conspiracy… or again, by routinely mistaking the consequence for the cause: And this by the way is where the only True [ Functional ], blooming, “Conspiracy” lays; Not in the grottiest absurd dysfunctional greed of a few!* But in the lazy actions (our shameful neglect in independent study), and Forfeit (of our self-Responsibilities in action and self-governance), and incompetence (of We The People
… the economic, commercial, and voting Power!)…. It lays in our most beloved Patron
Saint: non-committal Mediocrity!

Methinks that we have lost the Luxury…. The stomach. The Humanity. The breeding.
The vulnerability of growth, for a truly objective self analysis in Meditation and Silence (most tragically…, the Silence).
Or even the sensibility. The pure Human wonderment and beautiful limitations, to simply ask why?… For what purpose; And to what ends?… And not so much as to what we, [ Individually ], might gain (though this point must not be too overly down
played just to suit our modern (feel-good) Liberal “Dogmas”; The importance and instinct for individual gain-and-security…, for what other reason have we for communal participation and social intercourse?), but more importantly: To what we… as “persons”, might possibly lose!

*I do not mean to suggest that conspiracy is only a wild hair-brain fantasy conjured up by an overly active imagination. nor do i mean to suggest that i do not even believe in  conspiracies. I do. It’s just that True organized, Deep-state, conspiracies are rarities, and that 9 out-of 10 times, if you look, you will find, if you can strip away , best you can, your religious and political Ideology and bias, that it is only a (detached) (self-interest) opportunistic greed merely  capitalizing on our shockingly Cavalier indifference, and civil and political non- involvement!

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