“Tonight i can write the saddest lines…. For example*”-.I held her in my
naked arms.
I kissed her naked goose-pimpled flesh, breathing in deeply the pungent
summer innuendos in the sweat of her body.
We exchanged, through each-others eyes, in mythologies extravagant
I said her name and she said mine…. Intimately.
We laid there (which i’m remembering now as being for hours, but were
not) sheltered from the sun, quietly receiving through an open window the
heavily earthen scented breeze that gently wafted the sun faded curtains
in a slow dreamy sigh…, when she said to me, in a very excepting tone: It;s
the inevitable, determined next, that springs from each present moment
that saddens me most…. Like the inevitable fading-away of the love that we
have for each-other right now; Or the passion that we have for each-other,
right now…, long before our lives will end, or even before the last time that
we will touch one-another…. How sad it is to me that something so beautiful
as us, right now, must fade-away
Fade-away As surely and as commonly, as this day will fade-away;
when tonight you reach over to turn out the lights.


*PABLO NERUDA: Tonight I Can Write The Saddest Lines. From his book Love
Poems, 1924

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