I speak to economically. to working-class. to plane-tongued, vulgar and
profane…. In other words, to subordinate for worldly poetry (this is our
American disease: A laziness and obesity, indoctrinated commercially
and academically, in tongue and intellect).

Even all those “Good” Americans.
Even all those Good “open-minded” Americans.
Even all those Good open-minded “Cultured” Americans.
All those Good open-minded cultured “Liberal” Americans….
Even all those Good open-minded cultured Liberal “Progressive” Americans.
And yes! Even all those Good “Bill Maher’s and Michael Moore’s” gilty-white
white (Elitist) Americans, that so desperately tries to separate themselves from
the rest of all those “Other” un-cultured Americans, speak this way.
Even though they think they do not; They Do!

It’s in our bones.
It’s in our Sex.
It’s in our Leisure…. It’s in our Modern Cultural Individualization and Self-
Isolationism in personal community “Responsibility” in Brotherhood and
It is in our Distance. It’s our Modern Mother-tongue: Suburban Plebeian-ism!
All that you have to do to see it for yourself is just simply strip away all of our
pop-culture, Hip-Hop, Bohemian, Club Kid, Counterculture Dialects…. All of
our loud animated Blah Blah blah Blah’s, and all that you will see that is left
… Spoken in American, is: Be in Awe of my Disadvantages!
Be in Awe of my Pain!… Feel Me! Feel Sorry for Me! Pity Me! Give Me!… Be in
Awe of ME!… ME! In the most spoile unaccountable, Self-serving, sense of the
word, ME!

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