It’s as if i were to ask you…, what is Time? And you very quickly, with much working-
class arrogance, submissiveness, and lack of any type of meditation, responded-.
Time is the story of the anxious ticking hands of the clock…. And with each anxious
tick of its heavy hands… MONEY!
And i then in return said to you-. But that is only an indoctrinated response for the
justification of our cultural greed, obesity, and our political and ethical ignorance,
laziness, and cherry-pickings…. Tell me, if i were to smash your clock into peaces.
If i were to smash your manufacturing-lines into peaces…. Your “MONIES” into peaces. Would i then in like be smashing Time into peaces?

Or, it’s as if i were to ask you instead-. Please give me a description of Time.
And you pause… with genuine thought taking over the weathered, Docile-ed, features of your face. This time not taking the question so through the nose as they say. And you replied to me saying-. Lets imagine that you asked me to please give you
a description of this moment right now. How else could i respond to you but by pointing out that that moment has already past into just a moment ago.
How else but to reply to you that we were younger then. Even if only by moments. And as this moment begins its unfolding into yet another unfolding of moments,
(with each moment being seamless and infinite within its-self) that is already now,
each separately, even more moments ago…, you, as well as the reader, will have had,
independent of mine, your own unfolding of moments.
Moments that i can only rely upon my own imagination…, taken from my own depository of memories (e.g. experiences), and fashion a workable picture(e.g.
reference), even though those moments were merely only moments ago; With a
consistent addition of moments, between that moment to this particular moment,
that is now, in its-self, already a moment ago….
And it is from each of these tick-away moments that we must pick from. From our
own memories. In order to recall…. Which to recall, to a certain extent, is to re-create.
To reinterpret.
To reconstruct…. So in a sense-, illusionary? An unfixed reality? With the only reducible or measurable “Truths” that can accurately be made, from even just moments ago, is not its apparent physical reality; But of a peripheral interpretation
of a Time that we no-longer even belong too (by we i mean as we who we are right
So i guess if you were to ask me what is Time-, my only reply must be: Time is a
subjective sentimental reinterpretation of the movement and change of Shadows!
And i would then respond back to you. But i asked you for a description of Time and you only gave me a description of direction and motion…. and even though,
yes, motion must be a component of Time, just as my left hand is a component of me,
i would hope, that if i were to ask you for a description of me that you would be able
to give me more than just a description of my left hand.
You also bring up into play…, Illusion. To this i can only say:Despite of all life’s flawed
complexities, within its Time i have Loved and i have Hated. I have Celebrated and i
have Mourned… In its Time i have Loved and i have Lost.
My Human Heart has in both, Dramatized poetic sentimentalism, and pop-culture
popular-ism, felt the full sweeping effects  change from its Finite days and nights;
what more can i know or judge?

Again, it’s as if i were to ask you-. What is Time? And you replied to me very sincerely…. Time is that inevitable kick to the teeth for all of your yesterdays fears,
hesitations, actions and inactions.
But it is also a promise of a new day of one more chance.
Yes! i would then exclaim. That must be it! It must be as you say!… Time is that which
prevents our language and intellect from achieving its most possible elegance and
It’s what keeps us submissive to dated traditions and superstitions.
It’s what rips from our hands, at the very moment that we are about to grasp it…
But you interrupt me, continuing your probe, with these questions-. So, is not Time
Deterministic then? Meaning, is this moment now already predetermined by just a
moment ago?
And does this moment really shackle the next?
And when was my first moment? Was it the moment of my conception? Or was that
moment already predetermined by the first moment of my parents meeting?
Or was my first moment the moment of my parents parents first meeting and-so-on-
and-so-forth into an eternal regression?
Or instead is each moment open until we make a choice, thus only creating an “illusion” of a pattern and direction of Time?
Is the flow of Time and motion merely the tip of an arrow; or is it the arrows wake?
Think carefully before answering. weigh carefully the full consequences of each
For example: Think of the consequences concerning GOD by a Deterministic  Time or
of  a non-Deterministic Time.
Foe example-. To keep GODs authority and legitimacy intact, his existence must be kept outside of Time.
The whole Universe… all that exist. Must be laid out before him. intact and in whole.
It must be up to him and him alone to Determine the course and value and end to his
total creation if we are to avoid the embarrassment in our reasoning and logic….
-omnipotence with limitations! For if the future lays beyond his knowing. or will. If
he exist subject to our Time. If tomorrow is open to our possibility. Subject to our
Free-will. An undetermined Chaos. Then his authority, by law of definition, is then
But! If GOD is kept outside of Time. With the past present and future laid out before
him…. Intact and in whole. Determined. We then open up this can of worms: Action
without Sin nor accountability. Even Hitler then, we must concede, only did what was his to do. necessary to this moment. For an observable future, by any agent,
cancels out Free-will. For if it is observable it already exist. And if it already exist….
Then No Free-will!
And if Free-will is eliminated from the story of Human History, then theologies industry that functions off of the premises of Benevolent Omnipotence, concerning
Human atrocities, becomes nothing more than a “Tickling of the ear”… A cherry-
picking of belief systems.
It becomes nothing more than ramblings of confused ideas and meaningless definitions in attempts at legitimizing questionable Histories. And we are still left
with this Question: What then, if any, are the organic foundations to Human Ethics?
So in short…. If GOD exist outside of Time, his divinity is secure, but we lose the
security of Free-will. And with the loss of Free-will, we live and act without sin,
accountability and eternal punishments.
But, if GOD exist within Time, the security and comforts of Sin, accountability and
eternal punishment are restored… but we then lose benevolent Omnipotence.
We lose divinity…. We lose GOD as we know Him!

And so again, we loop are way back to our original starting point, in-which i ask you-. What is Time?

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