And here i am…,Me! A finger-pointer!… I, a judger. I, a critic. I, a high talker on
the growing lack of participation in social ethics and responsibilities of the peoples,
and just drove past, on my way home from the store, after work, a man holding
onto a sign that read: Homeless/Hungry/Please, anything helps!…
And with money in my pocket to-boot!
But you must please understand me when i tell you how much of a hurry that i was
in; It was such a-long day of work. And with only so few hours allotted to me, free
from it!
My free-time… seeming so absurdly limited to me!
My funds as well…, limited (Though obviously not as limited as others).
The traffic as well, so heavy at that hour of the day. Just to be able to find a spot
to turn around and make my way back to him would be enough to turn a more
stable man Mad!…
So little is my Time(un-like my exuses). So i just kept driving home.

Though i need you to know that i kept my full attention focused on him in the
rearview mirror the whole way past him….
Even long after he was no-longer visible.
That at least must account for something! Some measure of humanity i would
hope?… My vigilance and concern…, my Guilt!
That at least should allow me some kind of allowance?… Some right to keep

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