It’s the first shots fired in battle that gives us our perspective on distance
(as well as a definition on perspective and distance).
The incalculable distance that spans between the foot-solder of the front-
line, to the legislators, generals, commanders-in chiefs, and media moguls
(along side their pretty and clean t.v. personalities), comfortably at their
very safe distant “war-rooms” in the rear.
The distance between the two definitions of citizens: The first class of
citizen-. The local population; engulfed and hunkered down in every nook-
n-cranny of the war-torn region…. Either dying or surviving!
Too the second class of citizen (which i am apart of)-. The rest of the out-
side world population publicly viewing the edited carnage on our politically
sponsored local news network., either arguing for or against the current

From these varying distances. From these varying degrees of fear, danger,
anxiety, obsession, romanticism,… Indfference!
We find the activist. We find the ‘Artist’, the chest-puffers and the politicians.
… We find the self proclaimers and generalizers generalizing and proclaiming
in their placed self entrenchments.
But what difference to the body that absorbs this first initial blunt impact of
this first bullet (or to the eyes of his comrades which [forever-after] witnesses
this horrific impact) does any of our goodly intended psychoanalysis matter,
… beyond the most obvious one that is?
“A large part of history is therefor replete with the struggle for those human
rights, an eternal struggle in which a final victory can never be won. But to
tire in that struggle would mean the ruin if society.*”.
Sitting here comfortably and safely at my desk i can only speculate. I can only
hypothesize…. In other words, i can only imagine; But i cannot relate to
them. Cronus cutting off his fathers gentitals using a flint sickle, using his
left hand (which has ever since been the hand of ill-omen**), is just as real
to me!

Safely i sit at my desk writing. safely i know nothing of their danger. only
safe poetics do i know. Only safe arguments do i know. Only safe academic,
political, philosophical…, [sarcastic], entrapments do i know or can relate

Safely media. Safely HOLLYWOOD. Safely you and safely me. Safely pop-
culture…. Only safely do our politicans and political personalities
analyze, debate… “Dumb-Down” for their dull viewing public, remedies
to such complex complexities.

Only safely. Only righteously… Conservatively or liberally, do we justify
or condemn.
Only sefely do we stand… without flinch give nor bend;…
In our distance.
For it is only distance that can afford us such Luxury!

*Albert Einstein on Human Rights, address to Chicago Decalogue Society,
February 20, 1954.

**Mother Earth persuaded the Titans to attack their father; and they did
so, led by Cronus, the youngest of the seven, whom she armed with a
flint sickle. They surprized Uranus as he slept, and it was with the flint
sickle that the merciless Cronus castrated him, grasping his genitals with
his left hand: Which has ever since been the hand of ill-omen.
The Greek Myths, by Robert Graves.

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