The scene-.
An overly abstract, philosophically circular, horizon. blackened earth.
twilight crimson sky. two darkened figures standing antithetically, as
if the immensity of the space that separates them must possess some
sort of deeper symbolic significance if it is to consume them.

The Investigations-.
Did we create God out of the earliest seedling of a barbaric language,
simply because “The Nights are Dark and full of Terror” ?…
Or was it only so that we could begin to cultivate…,and build, some
sort of common ground in our departures?… Some agreed upon word so
as to begin to build an all inclusive dialog? A universal system geared
towards an universally inclusive understanding; while at the same
time, preserving a geographically, economically, and generationally
sensitive–– good gavel of Justice?
Or instead did we create him (God) as a translatable, graspable, and
allowable,duty and ideology of conformity and submissiveness
towards authority for the masses? (which by the way i see as being
the same seed for are modern movement towards socialism: The
average mans intelligence and nature to submit!)
Or rather…,again, was it he, God, that created us… “doubters”, to help
subdue; To help curb, as well as help translate our divide; Our
divide between our earthly, and his celestial understandings?
Or was it only to help appeal to our organic human ears and inadequacies
in the hopes of preventing any further…”theologically”,  inspired
creations and misinterpretations, oppression and brutalities  and
absured overreaches; As well as any further loose play with his name
and in his name?
But also to play as the reminder; That the sum total of all our human
“Intelligence”, And what ever we perceive as being possible with our
human intelligence, (concerning a possible relatable knowledge with
him (God))… is very little, if not next to nothing!

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