It really wasn’t-“Fear”, i believe, that first caused primitive man to
invoke…, the Gods, but rathe, instead”i believe”, it was from
the earthiness of our sensuality…. It was from the theatrical flair of
our love for the melanchpoly and beauty (bloodlettings sluiced in
love and lust). The beauty of figure (and its metaphorical land-
scapes and celestial expance), and of course, the primal beauty of the
not yet possessed, that first led us naked into pale-blue
moonlit clearings in forest, where we danced seduced by provocatively
painted nymphs (the first mothers to plebein)….
Where we orgied bewitched: Human mounds of twisted entangled
limbs heaving, enfolding, collapsing…, palpitating, before the evocative
fluttering light of bonfire.

It wasn’t until the morning.
Not until the sun broke through the few slit channels in a low billowing
variegated autumn sky in bold thick golden rays, quiting our complexions
(that was only the night before; fierce and erotic in its shadows) into
a more vulnerable fragile mosaic…, swelling our lungs with want of

Not until then did we begin to categorize beauty. Not until then did ew
begin to contemplate…. Philosophize! upon the organic nature of our-
Which thus led us too fear. Which thus led us too competitive interpretation.
Which thus led us too invention…. Which thus led us to envision such
stranngely charming things such as Anthropomorphics.

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