We kissed lips…. Among other notorious parts and things of our bodies.
Among the various depths and regions of our upbringing. Though took it
even further still behind closed doors.
In darkened room (for the imagination groping in the dark is much more
forgiving, pleasant, and far less clumsy).

We aged by the seconds. by the minutes. by the hours. by the days, months,
years…. we aged by the dreams.

Though silly were we to think ourselves creators. To imagine ourselves as
being all life’s great possibilities posturing in its moonlit peripheral….
Silly were we to inject into each-others eyes such exaggerated autumn
Though the silliest that we may have ever been, was when we though the
intimacy of our whispers to be so binding.
So original…. So pollinating….  As to be able to cause the madness of those

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